Benefits of Plastic Caps

Plastic Caps are a great way to improve commonly used day to day items. Replace or add new plastic caps for safety, comfort and look. Caplugs provides plastic caps and plastic grips in different styles, sizes and colours. Custom sizing, cutting, punching and logo printing services are available. Read about the various benefits of plastic caps below, to help find the perfect cap for your specific need.

Create A Safe Environment

Create a safe work or home environment with any of Caplugs’ various styles of Plastic Caps. Each of our round caps, square caps, or rectangular plastic caps can be fitted on children's toys, to protect them from rough edges. Choose round, square, or rectangular caps to protect your employees from sharp edges and surfaces on any size equipment.

Provide Comfort While Saving Space

Plastic Vinyl Caps can provide extra comfort, convenience and can be hung up for storage. Our custom plastic caps can be added to household tools and garden tools to give the user a better grip while using. Round Hanger Caps fit tightly around items such as tools, sporting goods, brooms, and kitchen tools for easy hanging and more efficient usage.

Prevent Damage & Enhance Aesthetics

Plastic Caps keep your home and workplace looking sharp as ever! Cover sharp edges of outdoor tables, workspaces and any other rough edge objects with plastic corner caps. Place Plastic Vinyl Caps over unsightly bolts and exposed screws for a more attractive look to any machinery or item.

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