Pipe & Flange Protection

Pipe caps and pipe flange protectors are very durable for shipping or yard storage, protecting your pipe products from physical damage and contamination. We have pipe product protectors for any and every product size.

FLGV Series


Engineered with a tapered body and a wide flange to protect entire machined flange surfaces from dirt or contaminants. Protectors only fit flange bore for a schedule 40 pipe. Doubles as a paint mask.

Material: Low Density Polyethylene

Colour: Orange

Description Designed with a tapered body and a wide flange these plugs protect machined surfaces from contaminates. These plugs protect only schedule 40 pipe with a 40 flange bore. Can double as a paint mask.

Pipe-Thread Protectors (open-end) OE Series


Traditional Design that shields threaded pipes and conduits during, shipping, storage and transit. Includes a locking bead to fit snugly. Also available are Open End Pipe Protectors with a tear tab for easy removal. Ask our sales department for more information.

Material: Low Density Polyethylene

Colour: See Chart

Description Get a perfect fit with open-end Pipe-Thread protectors, great for a variety of applications. The OE Series of Pipe-Thread Protectors feature specially designed beads to assure a snug fit for excellent protection of threaded pipe and conduit. Open ended Pipe-Thread Protectors are inexpensive way to eliminate a costly concern. Shop Caps’n Plugs now.

TLF Series


Engineered for ANSI B-16.5 flanges, our patent pending design with four hinged plugs can be pressed into bolt holes one at a time for faster installation than traditional covers. Features a thick pad for impact protection with reinforced walls to reduce warping and allow greater surface contact. Also permits use of a paint hook, or can be removed for a bolt.

Material: Low Density Polyethylene

Colour TLF-150: Blue

Colour TLF-300 through TLF-2500: Black

Description The TLF series has been redesigned for the four-bolt flange protectors. Gone are the days of struggling to install protectors with lugs that were too tight or parts that were too warped to fit properly. These patent-pending flange protectors are designed with a new level of flexibility enabling the user to quickly press the hinged lugs in, one at a time, for easier installation.

VAS Series


Designed to accommodate most American Association, Navy and Military sizes. Series VAS Vinyl Flange Covers protect flanges by sealing out dust and moisture during shipment. Series VAS is available in a wide range of sizes.

Material: Vinyl

Colour: Yellow

Description The VAS series provide complete all around flange protection including the bolt holes with no fasteners. Material is durable yet flexible enough to provide an easy fit.

Pipe-Thread Protectors CE Series


Excellent protection against physical damage to pipe during shipping. Keeps pipes clear of debris during yard storage. The CE-309 through CE-326 are designed with an N.P.T. taper to fit threaded pipe ends. The CE-327 through CE-352 are straight walled caps. Both are designed for easy installation and fit snuggly to stay in place until removed.

Material: Low Density Polyethylene

Colour: See Chart

Description Prevent damage and get a finished looked with closed-end Pipe-Thread Protectors from Caps’n Plugs. Pipe-Thread Protectors offer excellent protection against damage caused during transit. These flange protectors will also help eliminate debris from entering pipe. Shop closed end Pipe-Thread protectors that offer both easy installation and removal now.

RFP Series


RFP Series is a Patent-Pending flange protection design for pressure classes 400, 600, 900, 1500 and 2500lb. Designed as an economical, injection molded part with excellent impact protection for the raised face surface. The RFP series is all of that and no fasteners are require!

What are similarities of these flange pressure classes? The raised face outer dimension and the 1/4” height of the raised face across 400 thru 2500lb pressure classes are identical for each nominal size flange.

What are the differences? The outer diameter of the flange, the bolt hole pattern and the overall thickness of the flange. One RFP part will cover five flange sizes.

Our Raised Face Flange Protectors offer an economical injection molded solution protecting the raised face of those expensive flanges in comparison to die cuts with fasteners.

• Patent Pending Wave Design for added impact protection and retention

• No fasteners required and competetively priced against die cut solutions with fasteners

• Parts can double as low temperature paint mask

The RFP series will not fit some imported flanges that not manufactured to the ANSI B-16.5 specifications that may have slightly smaller diameter faces or raised faces that may be shorter in height.

Please request samples for fit testing before ordering.


Description Our Raised Face Flange Protectors offer an economical injection molded solution protecting the raised face of those expensive flanges in comparison to die cuts with fasteners.

FAN Series


The FAN Series flange protectors cover the full face of a pipe flange and is secured to the flange bolt holes with nylon zip ties. The FAN covers fully protects the machine face of the pipe flange and will remain firmly in place until the zip ties are cut off. We have flange covers from 75 to 2500 pressure classes in a variety of flange sizes.

Material: High Density Polyethylene

Colour: Black

Description The FAN Series provides full face flange protection on the flanges exposed sealing surfaces. Specifically designed with multipole holes to match the flanges bolt holes diameter and bolt circle.