Plastic Caps

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About Plastic Caps

At Caplugs, we have an unbeatable selection of caps to choose from for various applications. Whether you need threaded caps, electrical connector caps, tear-tab caps, we carry a large collection of these caps and more. We make plastic caps to oder, tell us the size, shape, and color cap you desire and we’ll create it just for you. Browse through our selection of caps to find the perfect cap for your application.

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Uses Of Plastic Caps

Plastic caps are used in a multitude of fields and applications. In the medical industry caps are used to protect medical tubing from becoming contaminated. Our heavy duty non treaded caps are used to protect items in an industrial atmosphere. Our threaded caps are engineered for use in aircraft and hydraulic applications. You can even use plastic caps in your home to protect cooper tubing. The possibilities are endless when it comes to plastic caps!

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Plastic Cap Shapes

Caplugs customizes in plastic caps for all applications. Use our plastic caps in your home or in an industrial setting to provide protection and finished look to objects. We carry round plastic caps, rectangular plastic caps, and square plastic caps in any size and width you may need.

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