What are Plastic Caps and Plastic Grips?

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Plastic caps and plastic grips are solutions for the workplace and the home. They add safety to tools, protect products from dust, and make items more comfortable to hold. The colorful handle on your mop? That's a plastic grip. The cap that covers a bolt? That's a plastic cap.

Plastic Caps

Plastic caps my be small, but they make a big difference. Plastic caps create a finished look and cover sharp edges. They can also be used on the bottom of furniture to protect floors from scratches. Plastic caps can be added to tools and levers to give a better grip.

Plastic Grips

Plastic grips add grab to your gear. There are many types of plastic grips: you’ve probably seen round plastic grips on tools and finger gripper grips that prevent slip. Hanger plastic grips come with a handy place to hang your stuff from hooks. Rectangular plastic grips are often see on levers and valves.

Plastic caps and plastic grips are items you use every day and it’s likely they came from Caplugs!

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