Plastic Caps You Use Every Day

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Caps 'n Plugs manufactures plastic caps, plastic grips, plastic plugs, vinyl caps and silicone caps, among many other products you see and use every day.

At Play

Plastic caps and plastic grips are often used for children’s toys. Manufacturer's protect children from injury by covering sharp edges with plastic caps and grips. Plastic caps and plastic grips also protect screws and bolts from moisture. Plastic plugs cover up unnecessary holes at the ends of tubes.

On the Job

Many industries use plastic caps for anything from masking from paint to protecting essential components from moisture, dust, and harsh substances.

Plastic Cap Shapes

You may not think about it, but plastic caps can be seen on dishwashers, jumpropes and tools for lawn and garden. Your favorite screwdriver uses a plastic grip to make it easy to hold and turn. Plastic caps cover things like lawn mower hubcaps, levers on tools, and caps at the end of your shovel. If you’ve ever assembled furniture, you may have used plastic plugs to give a finished look to the end of a tube.

Everywhere you look, you’ll find plastic caps and plastic grips.

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