Clever Uses for Plastic Caps

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As you've probably recognized from browsing our site, plastic caps are everywhere. We've thought of a few unique ways to use plastic caps and plugs around the house.

Threaded plastic caps

Threaded plastic caps, like those you find on water bottles, can be used to seal plastic bags. Just cut the threaded portion of the plastic bottle off. Push the plastic bag up through the neck of the buttle and screw the plastic cap on.

Multi-color plastic caps

Use these to replace lost game pieces for your favorite board-game.

Ant traps

If you're having an ant infestation, fill plastic caps with small amounts of boric acid. The ants carry it back to the nest, killing the queen. This is not advisable if you have pets or small children.

Cat Toys

Anyone who has ever had a cat and looked under the couch knows that cats LOVE discarded plastic caps. Why not give in to inevitability and use them as toys instead of purchasing expensive doo-dads for your cat?

Craft project

Take discarded plastic caps or plastic plugs, add a little paint and glue pipe-cleaners to them to make creative animals or insects.

While our plastic caps and plugs are used mainly in industrial settings to to finish off products like handles and grips, if you find yourself with a spare plastic cap, why not put it to good use?

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