Caps'n Plugs is now Caplugs

We’re excited to announce that effective today, June 13, 2022, Caps’n Plugs is now officially changing its name to Caplugs.

Caps’n Plugs has been a part of the global Caplugs family since 2019, but with this change, our Toronto location will become the headquarters for Caplugs in Canada. This name change also comes with more benefits for our customers, including a larger inventory of stocked product available in country, and expanded access to more hose protection options and masking solutions. Canadian customers also gain access to the Caplugs team of engineers to assist with the development of custom designs as well as the full range of manufacturing capabilities available from Caplugs.

“We’re thrilled to expand our product line availability and options for our Canadian customers,” said Dave Williams, President & CEO of Caplugs, Inc. “We’re excited to give customers access to our expanded full catalogue and deliver an even greater selection of products to handle more of their product protection, masking and packaging needs.”

Same Service. Same Quality. More Solutions.

While the name may be changing, customers can rest assured that they will continue to work with the same team at the same facilities as today. In the weeks and months ahead, additional product lines will be available for customers to order, ranging from additional product protection solutions to new masking, packaging and hose protection parts. Customers will also notice the new website URL –

However, customers will need to update their billing information. Click here for the new remit to information. This change will apply to all invoices issued and to be paid on and after June 13, 2022.

For more information or answers to questions about this change, please contact your Canadian Caplugs team at 800.668.3235 or by emailing