About Tube Finishing Plugs

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About Tube Finishing Plugs

Finishing plugs can be used to create an attractive finish on any steel tube applications. The unique fins that are on our tube finishing plugs allow for a tight fit inside of all tubing making these tube finishing plugs hard to accidentally remove.

Uses of Tube Finishing Plugs

You can use tube finishing plugs in any steel tub applications. Tube finishing plugs are used extensively in the office and commercial furniture industry as well as fixtures and similar metal products.

Types of Tube Finishing Plugs

There are many types of tube finishing plugs designed for all types of steel tubing. Commonly used tubing plugs have a flat finished look, but you can also order domed tubing plugs to provide a different type of finish.

Shapes of Tube Finishing Plugs

Our tube finishing plugs come in all sizes to accommodate to all types of steel tubing. We have square tubing plugs, round tubing plugs, rectangular tubing plugs and even domed tubing plugs. All the shapes allow for a snug fit into any kind of tubing.

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