About Round Plastic Grips

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At Caplugs, you can easily select and order your preferred round plastic grips. Discover how resourceful and functional these round plastic caps can be. You can customize plastic grips to your exact specifications for whatever your needed application may be. Shop for your plastic grips today and get a superior made product that you won’t regret purchasing.

Round plastic grips can be used on handles, levers, a variety of tools, machinery and more. With round plastic grips you will be providing comfort and security and safety to your manufactured products, household tools, or business operations. Caplugs offers a wide variety of round grips to shop from. Our classic round plastic grip will instantly give any item a sleek and finished look.

Browse our selection of round plastic grips. Our grips are extremely durable and will last through years and years of use. Order your round plastic grips from Caplugs today. You specify your desired length and color. Lengths start at 3.000" up to the listed maximum length. Caplugs can be easily print your logo, company name or custom message onto any round plastic grip you choose.

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