Plastic Grips

About Plastic Grips

When it comes to plastic grips Caplugs is a leading supplier and distributor. Our plastic grips are made to order, you just specify the length, size, and material you want your grips made of and we will do the rest. We can even customize your grips with your company’s logo or slogan and have custom design services if you need customized grips made.

Uses of Plastic Grips

Plastic grips are used in many everyday applications. From grips on children's toys such as bikes to plastic grips on heavy machinery in a commercial setting, plastic grips are widely used on a daily basis. We have plastic grips for all occasions, place our hanging-grips on a the top of a broom or outdoor items such as rakes to get a easy hanging storage solution. Check-out our wide selection of grips to find the perfect grips you need.

Types of Plastic Grips

At Caplugs, we carry many types of plastic grips. From grips with a high gloss finish to foam grips we have types of grips for every setting. Our high gloss finish is a type of finish on grips that is the most popular among our customers, its economical as well as durable giving a polished sleek appearance. You can order any type of finish you want on your plastic grips, whether you are looking for a soft foam grips or easily customized double dip grips we have all types of grips for every application.

Shapes of Plastic Grips

Our plastic grips come in all different shapes, colors and sizes. You just have to specify what you are looking for in a grip. We have finger grips that contour to your fingers, round grips for a sleek finish, rectangular flat end caps for the industrial setting. If you need a custom design for your grips we can put together a prototype to fit to your needs.

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